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Method Index integrates a wide array of disciplines to our Consulting Services.

Rabih Sater ‘s long experience, healthy track record and the successful brands we’ve worked with, can provide new or existing business consulting in Business Concept Development, Identity Design, Business Operations, Brand Experience and Strategical Marketing. Demographics, Geography, Area Development and Financial Analysis can also be part of an extensive consulting study to get your business up and operating successfully.

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Concept Development

  • Core Creation
  • Target Market Identification

Identity Design

  • Brand Development
  • Color Palette
  • Consumer Trend

Business Operations Management

  • Management Strategy
  • Operations
  • Food Service Equipment
  • HR Development

Brand Experience

  • Social Awareness Footprint
  • Interior and Exterior Environments

Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media
  • Local Market
  • Lifestyle Trend

Our services are customized to the needs and specifications of each client – we do not adhere to the belief that the unique needs of our clients can be satisfied with a pre-programmed approach.

This means that we spend a lot of time in the field understanding what makes each business or product micro-market unique. We also get to know people at all levels in order to completely understand their priorities, processes, perceptions and concerns. In addition, we bring a rigorous financial methodology to our work. Every recommendation is evaluated in terms of its highest value and return on your investment. And we know how important your investment is.

Consultation rates from $50,000 to $250,000 depending on industry, market research and client specific needs.


Keep Complexity, To Accessibility.

Born in the Ivory Coast, Rabih Sater developed a taste for business at an early age. As a young boy, he moved to the United States when work and civil strife threatened his family. His father’s business in car repair and gas stations put him to work at the age of 5. The family work ethic and drive to succeed in pursuing the American Dream was never left untaught. His father taught him a great deal of all the ins and outs of operating a small business. Eventually, as the family business grew, Rabih’s role managing and operating a collection of retail and real estate businesses with over 350 employees under his direction at the age of 24. He was able to operate and develop, fuel stations, retail centers, fast food facilities and modernize operations all within his family business and to global industry clients alike. While in college, He was heavily influenced with creative inspiration thru hospitality legend Ian Schrager’s attention to detail, risk taking and aesthetics. This influence brought a realization to how many potential brands lay a float in the market place, but lack the details and direction to be national or global successes. Method Index was created as the connection to the consumer, a multitude of Rabih’s ideas that can manifest into successful realities.

“For long as I remember, I’ve always dreamt of developing businesses thru environments and experience. Environments and experiences are the only two factors that all businesses have in common, unfortunately 90% of brands are missing one or the other.” R.S.

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